Hey, I am

Tolga Ercan

ITS Specialist at Connected Wise

PhD in Civil Engineering, Traffic & ITS Consultant

About Me

  • Name:Dr. Tolga Ercan
  • Occupation:ITS Consultant
  • Current City:Tampa, FL
  • Year of birth:1987
  • Email:[email protected]

I am an expert in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), with experience in various transportation projects in ITS design, traffic operations and multi-modal planning. During my PhD research at University of Central Florida, I have achieved numerous publications in prestigious journals and conferences.

Technical Background

Multi-Modal Analysis75%
Life-Cycle Optimization95%
Traffic Design & Planning85%
Video Analytics & Detection65%
Intelligent Transportation Systems90%
  • April 2019 - Current

    ITS Specialist

    Connected Wise LLC

    I manage all ITS field operations, device installations including RSUs, video camera systems and sensors.

  • June 2018 - Current

    Traffic Engineer II

    TransCore ITS, LLC

    I am responsible for ITS design on various projects from FDOT districts and Traffic Operation departments.

  • January 2013 - December 2017

    Doctoral Research Fellow

    University of Central Florida (UCF)

    I focused on sustainability analysis of transportation systems, multi-modal planning and optimization in my PhD research.

What I Do

ITS Design

Designing network/communication systems (e.g. fiber optic network setup, ODTR testing); configuring ITS devices and maintaining the systems.

Electric Vehicles

Economic and environmental impact analysis of electric vehicles in mass and commercial transportation and vehicle-to-grid applications.

Sustainability Analysis

Life Cycle sustainability assessment of emerging technologies (e.g. connected vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles).

Video Analytics

Building smart technological solutions for wrong-way detections, emergency-vehicle detections and traffic counting.

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