Railroad Crossing Safety

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Concrete Inspections

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Fleet Source Monitoring

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An AI-aided machine vision system which can leverage video footage recorded by a locomotive’s forward-facing cameras to detect and report the current state of infrastructure at highway-rail grade crossings.

The Benefits

Such innovation will reduce the time and labor for inspections and significantly cut the cost of maintaining the infrastructure. Connected Wise's technological solution is an on-board AI edge device inside the locomotive cab that processes live camera images to analyze the current state of infrastructure (e.g. detects a broken gate arm, damaged pavement markings or missing crossbuck signs).

Maintenance is crucial for the longevity of our infrastructure

This becomes even more important with the introduction of new, advanced vehicle technologies such as connected vehicles.


This AI infrastructure assessment using Mixed-Reality (MR) technology employs state-of-the-art methods and algorithms from interdisciplinary practices. Machine learning is used for crack/spall detection on infrastructures where human-computer interaction concepts are employed for improving assessment performance. MR augments virtual information into the real environment and allows the user to alter the information in real-time. While the inspector performs routine inspection tasks, the AI system integrated into the headset continuously guides the inspector and shows possible defect locations.

The ASCE grades current U.S. infrastructure as a D+

1 out of every 5 miles of highway pavement needs repairs


Maintaining the highway transport linear-asset infrastructures is, for the most part, a task performed manually. Being a subjective and labor-intensive process, it is an ideal candidate for automation. Connected Wise has proposed a comprehensive solution that uses an AI embedded on-board computer vision system and data-driven methods to detect the level of degradation on linear-assets such as traffic signs, traffic signals, roadway lighting, pavement markings, asphalt and concrete surfaces.

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