Connecting vehicles to infrastructure and other vehicles is what we do.

Our Services

Connected Wise’s technology connects vehicles to infrastructure by reading machine readable signs and interpreting messages hidden in these signs for vehicle’s on-board equipment (OBE) devices

Infrastructure readiness is crucial for the implementation of advanced vehicle technologies and we know the shortcomings of our infrastructure in its current state. Hence, we have a different approach to overcome these shortcomings related to the implementation of connected vehicle technology.

Maintenance in a smart and proper way is crucial for the longevity of our infrastructure. This becomes even more important given the introduction of new, advanced vehicle technologies such as connected vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence for Transportation

In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) through the USDOT SBIR program, we are developing a technology that can receive information from signs readable only by machine, and interpret them for connected vehicles' OBE devices. The system is empowered by the state-of-the-art machine learning techniques which can classify, detect and recognize different roadway entities.

Machine Vision Support for V2I

We develop advanced systems for connected infrastructure. Currently, we are creating machine recognition-based message signs that do not rely on a barcode-type of system, but use image tags for robust detection and recognition instead. We are also pursuing the employment of Blockchains for V2I communication security.

Smart Assessment for Infrastructures

Our new Mixed Reality inspection headset will allow infrastructure owners to evaluate their bridges, roads and other structures in the smartest way. The AI implemented headset will collaborate with the inspector and analyze/quantify damages automatically.